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Brian Head Geocaching

For the 2013 summer season, Brian Head Resort is introducing a new recreational adventure center that combines geo-caching and orienteering for a fun outdoor treasure hunt. The adventure can be played with a GPS, or mobile device and other navigational techniques.

The general rules are simple: At the Giant Steps Adventure Center, you will be given a scorecard which includes the first clue. The first clue includes a grid coordinate and a terrain feature description. After riding the chairlift to the top, use the clue and your GPS to find the first “cache”. Once you locate it, you will find a distinctive punch mark for your scorecard, and the clue for traveling to the next cache. Make sure you get each punch mark for each cache.

There are ten caches to find as you work your way down the mountain for a total of about 3 miles. The route generally follows the Vista Trail. You must find the next cache along the route in order to get the clue for the following cache. The course is not self correcting. Some clues will be grid coordinates and others will be an azimuth (line of bearing) and distance.

For those treasure hunters who are competitive, record your start and finish time. Bring your completed scorecard and times back to the Adventure Center where we’ll keep track of the season’s fastest times.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with geo-caching or orienteering ask at the Adventure Center for a quick lesson.

The clues use the WGS84 and lat/long coordinate system. The azimuth clues are based on magnetic North and distance in meters.

Each cache is marked with a white and orange control flag.


Adult $10.00
Senior $6.00
Child $5.00

GPS Tracks Instructions


Click on Dm and than Latitude and Longitude to enter in the coordinates, once coordinates are entered click on Insert Waypoint.

Latitude Longitude

Enter in the coordinates and leave the far right box at 0



Get GPS Tracks

GPS Tracks

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Although the app works, a handheld GPS is recommended for accuracy.