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What to Include in Your Pack

Before you get on the lift.

Adults: The trail can be rugged, nearly 3 miles long, and can take up to 3 hours to finish depending on hiking pace. Prepare for hiking conditions. An adult is required to participate in the various activities.

Proper clothing: This should include a durable pair of shoes and a jacket. Flip-Flips and sandals tend to fall off while riding the lift and are not suitable for rocky terrain. The adventure can last hours and at 10,000 ft, weather can change very quickly. Raingear is a good idea.

Liquids: Staying hydrated is essential to prevent altitude sickness and dehydration. We do not recommend drinking out of streams, lakes, or hydrants.

Food: Lunch and snacks are highly advisable. There are several scenic picnic areas along the way.

Sun Protection: Don’t let the cool temps fool you, at this altitude it is very easy to get burned.  Use sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and lip protection.

Trail Map:  Make sure you don’t forget your trail map! It will help you see where you are, help with landmarks, and to find helpful items such as a picnic area.

Cell Phone:  Some cell phone services work quite well, but you may want to check it before you go! If you need patrol, or have a question call 866-930-1010 ext. 303. Remember, Patrol is only available during operating hours.

Insect Repellant:  Don’t let bugs ruin your adventure!


  • Let somebody know where you are going and when you plan on returning.
  • Visit the restroom before you head out! There are no facilities at the top or along the trail.
  • Don’t approach the wildlife. They are wild.
  • Check the weather before you start. Conditions are continually monitored at the activity center at the top of the lift, and we’re always happy to update you.