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Brian Head Trails

The mountain bike park and hiking opportunities at Brian Head Resort, with its combined chairlift and shuttle services, gives access to over 100 miles of the most scenic and exhilarating trails in the country. To access the major area trailheads, use the Resort’s weekend chairlift service or stay and play in the park on one or all of our diverse trail options. The freestyle, downhill, and terrain park features are not recommended for novice riders. However, “B” lines are available around the more technical elements.

The Brian Head Resort mountain bike terrain park includes: jumps, drops, walls, ladders, and other wooden elements. These areas require varied degrees of skill level. Start small, ride smart, and work your way up. This ever expanding and centralized terrain park network includes Ken’s woods, Stef’s Steps, and Malicious Woods. All are accessible from the lower parts of Color Country, Timberline, Lil’ Gritty, and Wildflower.

Trail Options

Hiking and Biking Trails

All New Color Country – Beginner to Intermediate  

  • This top to bottom trail offers a gradual winding descent through a variety of scenic views: lush meadows, bubbling springs, dense forest, and the famous southern Utah red rock vistas. Enjoy the Color Country trail by itself, or use it to mix and match other trail segments all day long.

6 Trail Loop – Beginner to Intermediate

  • Another one of Brian Head’s undiscovered gems; the 6 trail loop, is a combination of trails looping the upper elevations of Brian Head Peak. Offering some of the most diverse and spectacular views in a short 4.6 mile loop, the six trails together are; Color Country , Peak Access Trail, Sidney Peak Trial, Dark Hollow, Mace’s and Timberline. X-Country riders and hikers alike agree that this is a must do!

Brian Head Peak Access Trail – Intermediate 

  • This short ascent around Brian Head Peak is used to gain access to the Sidney Peaks trailhead and many more mountain bike and hiking trail options. This trail across the exposed south side of Brian Head Peak offers some of the most stunning views.

Lightning Point – Intermediate 

  • This trail splits off early from the Color Country trail. After crossing UT Hwy 143, you will enjoy open meadows, before ascending through the forest overlooking Ashdown Gorge and Cedar Breaks National Monument behind Lightning Point Mountain. Drop into the Upper Bear Flat Campground to coast down UT Hwy 143, a short distance back to the Brian Head Resort mountain bike park.

Biking Specific Trails

Timberline – Intermediate to Advanced   

  • Internationally adored by racers and free riders alike, this classic trail will put a smile on your face. Riders often use this trail as a warm up before moving on to one of the park’s more difficult trails or just keep on rolling it all day long.

Z Line – Intermediate to Advanced  

  • This fun technical section right off the top of the chairlift will zig zag you right into the bottom portion of the Timberline Trail.

Wildflower – Expert Only

  • One of two signature pro downhill courses, this wild ride will test your suspension and technical riding ability. Frequently used in many national and state professional downhill races; the Wildflower Trail, with its steep rocky sections can be accessed from a variety of other trails in the park. From top to bottom, this trail is the shortest way down.

Lil’ Gritty – Expert Only 

  • Another favorite of race promoters, this second pro downhill course features more jumps and drops (with B-Line go arounds) than Wildflower. This course top to bottom is designed to be fast, fun, and flowing. Use the Timberline, Color Country, and Terrain Park trail intersections to customize your own trail experience.

Hiking Specific Trails

Vista Trail

  • The Vista Trail is where our Adventure Trail is located. This trail is filled with enjoyable activities for both children and adults that are culturally, geographically, and historically significant to Brian Head Resort and the surrounding area.

Twisted Forest

  • Named twisted due to all the Bristlecone Pine Trees, some of which are believed to be over 2,000 years old. It is a 1.2 mile out and back trail accessed by bike or car via Dry Lakes or Sugarloaf Roads.

Rattlesnake Creek Trail

  • A steep, rugged trail for more advanced hikers. This trail descends 2,500 feet in just 4 miles to Ashdown Creek. From there, you can choose to follow Ashdown Creek up to Cedar Breaks National Monument or go through the Ashdown Wilderness area.

For more information on trails, you can visit the bike shop or call (435)677-2035 ext. 213