Terrain Parks

The Training Grounds

The newly branded terrain parks named collectively The Training Grounds features a construction theme with 20 plus new features. Training Grounds consists of two progressive park areas: Detour and Bypass; allowing visitors to improve their park skills with a state-of-art set up. Follow us on Facebook for the latest terrain park information.


  • Location: Blackfoot lift
  • Level: Beginner


  • Location: Blackfoot lift
  • Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Safety in the Park

Maintaining a safe environment in the terrain park is the number one priority for our Park Crew. Becoming knowledgeable and aware of the level of difficulties of the terrain park features along with the “Smart Style” Code of Conduct will help us deliver a “unified message that is clear, concise, and effective”. The “Smart Style” Code of Conduct signs can be found at the entrances of the Detour and Bypass parks as well as designated areas throughout the parks. Please take the time to read each of the signs as you enter each park. Help us make the park a safe environment for all of the current and future riders! Check out this video to learn more about “Smart Style”. 

“Smart Style” Safety Video